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Mon Jun 7 14:38:46 MDT 2021

Have you considered AWS / Amazon Route53?

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 10:06 PM Dan Egli <dan at> wrote:

> Is anyone here running a DNS server and would be willing to host a
> couple of domains of mine for secondary DNS? I've got Bind all setup
> here, but the free secondary provider I was using (buddyDNS) keeps
> claiming that I've had over 300 thousand queries in the last couple of
> weeks. Since there's no way that's true (unless someone is spamming or
> probing them) then it seems to me they are just trying to convince me to
> pay. Considering how little traffic my DNS server actually receives,
> after banning probers/spammers, I cannot believe my traffic is more than
> a couple of megabytes a month MAX when it comes to DNS.
> All I need is the one secondary DNS, without some company trying to say
> I obviously need their $15/month package or something. I don't care
> whether you run Bind or djbdns or something else as long as I can send
> NOTIFY requests to you if and when something in the domain changes.
> Thanks all
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