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Telegram is an other messaging app. So if you don’t like downloading another messaging app and it sounds like the mailing group is staying put then by all means, there is no need to join the group. The Telegram group was created sometime last year, and mentioned as that time, for those who like a more real time chat that is more mobile friendly than IRC. A lot of open source communities use Telegram as their main community chatting platform. It’s just another tool we can utilize for those who want to.

On February 24, 2020 at 3:21:23 PM, Charles Curley (charlescurley at charlescurley.com) wrote:

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 14:23:04 -0700  
Michael Holley <mailinglists at michaelholley.us> wrote:  

> 2. Move all communication that was done via the Mailinglist over to  
> the Telegram group. t.me/joinchat/DKUwX0sHch1DXKNL4fmCnA  

I had no idea that existed until now. Possibly I missed the  
announcement. Right now it has 25 members, not exactly a ringing  
endorsement. I hit "JOIN GROUP" and got a URL that Mozilla rightly did  
not recognize.  

I am skeptical of anything web based. They are usually a pain in the  
butt to use. I have dropped out of several open source projects because  
they dropped email and went to slack or the like.  

Nor do I want another damned app on my phone to spew personal  
information all over the net. Telephones are pretty close to useless  
for any serious text work; that is why the gods invented computers.  

Email has the virtues that it shows up on my computer, not someone  
else's computer, and I have my computer trained to notify me when  
it comes in.  

Does anybody read signatures any more?  


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