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Michael Holley mailinglists at michaelholley.us
Mon Feb 24 14:23:04 MST 2020

Well if we have to move away anyway I have an idea of how to maintain our site, once we gain access to the domain again.

1. Move our website over to a Gitlab Pages (a static site on a branch of a repo). This gives more interactions as a place people can suggest topics and post slides/notes/videos of past presentations. gitlab.com/provo-linux-user-group
2. Move all communication that was done via the Mailinglist over to the Telegram group. t.me/joinchat/DKUwX0sHch1DXKNL4fmCnA

Once we gain access to the domain, which I think someone in the Telegram group works with Ryan Simpkins, I’ll check, we can add the president to the account, or move the domain to it’s own account and make sure the current president is an admin for both the DNS and Gitlab project. Just some thoughts. 

On February 24, 2020 at 11:01:19 AM, Steve Meyers (steve at plug.org) wrote:

Bluehost has been kindly providing a server for PLUG for many years.  
Yesterday, I received an email from them saying that the server will be  
shut down on Thursday if we don't pay the $150 that is due for this month.  
I assume it would be $150 per month after that. Obviously, that's not an  

Unfortunately, the person who was our contact at Bluehost (Jared Smith) is  
no longer working there. To compound the issue, the domain is owned by Ryan  
Simpkins, who I haven't had contact with in several years, so even if I set  
up a new server, I would not have a way to point the DNS at it.  

I will make sure we have a full backup of the mailing list before Thursday,  
and hope for the best from there. I'm sure this will all get worked out one  
way or another, but I'm not sure it will happen by Thursday.  


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