[OT] Come learn Rust, The Most Loved Language of 2019!

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 16:13:44 MST 2020

Hey Everybody,

I'm a co-organizer of *Utah Rust*.

Since we're a relatively small and lesser known group, I wanted to reach
out to some of the other groups and invite you to come to our 2nd meetup of
the year.

*This month* is *"Welcome to Rust"* - an introduction to the language
itself, at Vivint SmartHome in Lehi.

Website: https://utah.rs
(New) Email List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/utah-rust
Meetup Calendar: https://www.meetup.com/utah-rust

*Last month* was *"Built with Rust"* - all about common tools that are
built in Rust which are taking the Terminal by storm - such as `fd` (find),
`rg` (grep), `bat` (cat), and many other modern alternatives to age-old
CLIs, in the style of `less` is `more`. https://youtu.be/g_RjY2328-U

*Next month* will be *"The 'Blue Pill': Rust on Microcontrollers"* ('blue
pill' is basically Raspberry Pi of micro-controllers).

Rust is not only well-paid, it's also been voted "*Most Loved*" by Stack
Overflow survey participants for *3 years in a row*

I know I sound like an ad for Rust... but that's because, well, I'm
basically a walking ad for Rust. :)

AJ ONeal

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