[somewhat OT] 5400 rpm drives

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 12:24:54 MDT 2019

On 9/20/19 9:55 AM, Eric Olsen wrote:
> Many could argue against this, but I buy used drives from TAMS 
> olutions for my NAS. They're cheap, I get them today, and since 
> they're used they're more likely to be different levels of used so
> they're less likely to die around the same time.

> All spinning disks' RPM speeds are more-or-less "roughly" that number. So
> one might be 7220 RPMs, another 7180 RPMs. WD Reds are the ones they tested
> to be as close to 7200 as possible (they have a tighter window of what's OK)

Makes sense, thanks.

Looks like the Red Pro are 7200 and the Red are 5400.  5 year warranties
(remember when that was standard!). Although the warranty honestly
doesn't really matter to me.

>> Seems like everything is 5400 rpm.  Does this even matter?
> I'm trying to remember what I read in the past, it was either simply that
> the 7200 disks would perform slower because all drives in the RAID need to
> be roughly the same speed, or it could have been that there's a chance of
> problems due to the RAID trying to handle different speeds. Pretty sure
> it's the former. I do know my Netgear NAS will work with both, but whines
> at me when I add 5400 RPM drives alongside 7200 RPM ones.

I'm using software RAID so I think Linux will happily work with whatever
it has with only some degradation of performance during the writes.

Looks like many of these 4 TB drives have 4 platters on them, which will
reduce seek time a bit even at 5400 rpm.  I imagine the drive is smart
enough to strip its data across the platters for faster reads and writes

Thanks all!

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