How to use Bind response policy zone to stop Firefox from using DNS over HTTPS

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> As many of you know recent releases of Firefox have implemented DNS
> over HTTPS (their own idea as opposed to the standard DNS over TLS),
> which bypasses your local DNS and uses cloudfare's DNS server on port
> 443.

A bit more reading, in case you don't have enough to do.

"On Friday, Mozilla said it plans to implement the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
protocol by default in its Firefox browser, with a slow rollout
starting in late September.

"Under development since 2017, DoH transfers domain name system queries
– which try to match domain names with server IP addresses – over an
encrypted HTTPS connection rather than an unprotected HTTP one. This
prevents third-parties like network service providers from seeing the
websites internet users visit. Though DoH provides more privacy than
the status quo, it's controversial where lack of privacy is assumed or
required, such as monitored environments that insist on content
filtering, among other reasons."

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