Nebula overlay networking

Michael Torrie torriem at
Tue Dec 31 09:35:35 MST 2019

Have any of you looked into the recently released Nebula[1] project from
Slack?  It's very intriguing[2][3].  I've long wanted something like
this, even on a small scale for my home networking and family needs.  It
combines peer to peer VPN technologies with a robust security access
model.  It's like a combination of firewall and vpn.  Apparently it
scales well to thousands of nodes.  I plan to mess with sometime in the
next year. Just wondered if anyone has thoughts on it, or plans to try
to use it in an enterprise setting.

I could envision every household in my immediate family being tied in
for purposes of tech support and sharing of files.  And using the
security policy for privacy purposes.  For example, there's no reason
for my sister across the continent to print to my printer, and probably
file sharing would be restricted to some shared NAS boxes.  Interesting


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