Looking for a Python Developer

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Thu Dec 12 13:42:55 MST 2019

Hey all,

I've posted this around, but I figured I'd share it here too. We're
looking for a Python developer. Specifically, we're looking for
someone with strong Django (Channels, REST), PostgreSQL, Redis,
Couchbase, GCP, Docker (Compose), GitLab (CI/CD) skills. You don't
have to have all of those, but you must be strong with Python and
Django stuffs.

Pay would be in the $70k - $110k range DOE. Would likely start out
hourly and on a contract basis. About 50/50 remote work vs. onsite
(also depends somewhat on experience and proven proficiency).

We're a small company with a flat org. I'm easy to work with -- I think :)

No micromanaging, so you must be able a self-starter (sorry, jargon warning).

Hit me directly if you'd like to know more. Thanks!

Also, is there anywhere else I should be sharing this?


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