Linux and accessibility

Barry Roberts blr at
Fri Oct 5 09:03:42 MDT 2018

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 5:19 PM Riley Loader <riley.loader at> wrote:
> Though I'd be interested in seeing if Barry can "get simon, sphinx, or
> deepspeech working." Some dictation system in Linux would be cool.

Mycroft was easy to get working, and not hard to add the dictate
skill.  But I haven't gotten it to work offline yet, and I can't
really do work stuff with it sending everything to google for STT.
It's supposed to work with deepspeech, but apparently the offline
setup is non-trivial.

Still haven't gotten simon working.  Voco looks perfect, but I haven't
gotten around to trying it yet.

And I'm in a lot less pain today, so I doubt I'll spend much more time
on this.  Offline dictation would be cool, so I might.

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