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Lonnie Olson lists at
Tue Jul 3 16:20:00 MDT 2018

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Dan Egli <danegli.74 at> wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience with the Windows Services for Linux? How does
> it compare to a full fledged distro? I'm really curious, but not in a
> position (yet) to experiment for myself.

I've used it a bit.  It is still quite Beta at the moment.

It is a full fledged distribution (minus the kernel).  You can generally
install any Linux application.  (Note: install != run)

Like the others said, it's not a virtual machine.  No Linux kernel, No
"init" of any kind, so running background services is difficult.
Also there are several features it doesn't yet support so many programs
will fail with strange errors, like unix sockets or other lower level
network stuff.  Things like X11, nmap and tcpdump will not work.
Though, Microsoft is making lots of progress with each update.

All that said, you can still get a lot done with it.
* A real openssh client
* access to Windows file systems
* bash, coreutils, curl, python, perl, ruby, etc.

So far, not enough to swap from a Linux VM to WSL completely.  However,
some good progress.

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