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Tod Hansmann plug.org at todandlorna.com
Fri Mar 24 23:28:40 MDT 2017

For your needs you could use FreeSwitch on just about any x86 hardware.
You could use something like Twilio or Flowroute to get a number that
customers can "call" and you can setup a simple IVR menu to route to any
one or all three of you, or a conference room, or a voicemail box that's
shared and converts everything to MP3 and emails you all or whatever you
want it to do.  If you prefer more traditional you can do the extensions
thing or you can each have a number and FreeSwitch just routes to the right
"desk" based on which number gets called.  Have a server that's online (and
preferably has a public IP)?  If it's a *nix box you can go through the
trouble of adding FreeSwitch to that.

FreeSwitch is different and harder to setup than Asterisk, and more niche,
but like a lot of these kinds of things it's better tech for the pieces
that they overlap on.  That may not make it the better decision for you if
you want something easier to find tutorials on.

You can use basically used SIP hard phones like old Polycoms or even
softphones like Linphone if you want to use your computers.

If you want to hash things out a bit, feel free to look me up on #utah
sometime and I can help you hash out if FreeSwitch is even the right option
for your needs.  I'm not there a lot on weekends, but I'm usually around

-Tod Hansmann
Problem Solver

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Matt plug.org <matt.plug.org at gmail.com>

> Pluggers,
> I'm part of an independent 3-man operation, and we all work from our
> respective homes.  We're looking for a good solution for VOIP to: easily
> make "internal" calls to each other, have some sort of conference/multi-way
> call to include all of us plus customers, and do some forwarding to cell
> phones when we can't answer on the home/VOIP connection.
> Budget is a big concern here, considering it comes straight out of our
> pockets.  Is there some good hardware (even used or refurbished) that would
> do what we need?  Recommendations for a reliable service provider?  Would
> asterisk or freeswitch be helpful here at all?
> Thanks for any help on this; it's a world that I don't know much about.
> Matt
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