Do I need a new hard drive again?

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Barry Roberts <blr at> wrote:

> If I enter the root password and 'mount /home ; exit' it boots up and
> seems to work, but there are sdb errors in the logs (sda is the boot
> ssd, /home is on sdb, a 3TB Hitachi HUA72303 spinning disk).
> The full output of 'smartctl -a /dev/sdb' is here:

Are all the errors from the same or nearby sectors? If so, you may get
away with running fsck on that partition with the badblocks option
turned on. If badblocks fails those sectors, fsck will mark them as bad
in the file system. This works better if the bad sectors are free.

If they are not free, do you have a recent backup of the file. In that
case, let fsck mark those sectors as bad, and restore the file.

It is also possible that in spite of the errors, badblocks will not
flag the sector(s) as bad. If so, the attempt to read will have forced
the drive to re-map the sectors in its firmware. This is an acceptable
outcome. However, a lot of re-mappings indicate a failing drive.

To minimize hard drive activity while you are doing this, look into

It is also possible that the problem is in multiple disparate sectors.
And more every day. In either event, it is time for a new hard drive. Is
this one still under warranty?

And you do, of course, have good backups, because you do know that
without them you may well be scrod.

Also, replacement hard drives aren't all that expensive. How much is
your time worth?


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