Do I need a new hard drive again?

Barry Roberts blr at
Sun Jun 25 22:22:42 MDT 2017

On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 7:13 PM, Victor Villa <vvilla at> wrote:
> quick question, can you tell us what happened recently to the computer?
> Power outage or did somebody unplug while the computer was on?

None of that, as far as I know.  My soon booted into Windows to play
games for the first time in months, and the next boot into linux was
fine.  But the next day after a 'dnf upgrade', it started failing to
boot without manual intervention.

> the first thing that I would do is run fsck to see the integrity of the
> drive.  not being in front of your computer, it's hard to say exactly what
> options I'd use, but in general I would read up on fsck (filesystem
> integrity check)  by typing man fsck

I didn't think smartctl would report on filesystem errors, but I guess
fsck is a logical next step.  I'll run that from the emergency console


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