Do I need a new hard drive again?

Victor Villa vvilla at
Sun Jun 25 19:13:25 MDT 2017

quick question, can you tell us what happened recently to the computer?
Power outage or did somebody unplug while the computer was on?

the first thing that I would do is run fsck to see the integrity of the
drive.  not being in front of your computer, it's hard to say exactly what
options I'd use, but in general I would read up on fsck (filesystem
integrity check)  by typing man fsck


examples of fsck:

fsck -A  (check all filesytems)
fsck /dev/sdb1 (check the sdb1 partition)

You can ask fsck to repair damage that it sees by using the -y

PLEASE NOTE, do NOT run fsck on mounted drives
RECOMMEND reading up on fsck before running by typing man fsck


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> Would Spinrite work on this? Probably worth a shot if the data is
> valuable? #notAnExpert
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