Do I need a new hard drive again?

Barry Roberts blr at
Sun Jun 25 18:46:05 MDT 2017

The last time I rebooted the computer in the kitchen, it dumped me into
emergency mode (I think that's what Fedora calls it).  The text mode prompt
where I can enter the root password for maintenance or Ctrl+d to try to
continue booting.

If I enter the root password and 'mount /home ; exit' it boots up and seems
to work, but there are sdb errors in the logs (sda is the boot ssd, /home
is on sdb, a 3TB Hitachi HUA72303 spinning disk).

The full output of 'smartctl -a /dev/sdb' is here:

The (I think) relevant parts of the boot logs are here:

I'm kinda disappointed if I just need a new hard drive.  I just bought that
Hitachi in January of 2015, but it looks to me like it needs to be replaced.

Any of you experts have any better advice?


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