[OT] Daplie Labs: A new meetup for Internet-y, CS-y, CE-y, and IT-y things

Alan Kirkwood a_d_kirkwood at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 13:12:00 MST 2017

I might be interested. How can I contact you? 

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  On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 1:04 PM, AJ ONeal (Home)<coolaj86 at gmail.com> wrote:   Hey y’all, I’m starting a "Daplie Labs" meetup down in Provo for “Computer
Sience-y” and "Internet-y Stuff”. I’m looking for potential presenters.


These are the problems that I’d like to solve and the type of presentations
I’d like to see:

* Bring back the art of computer science - too many presos these days are
about the mechanics of frameworks, which bores me (I’m old now). I’d like
to see more fun, abstract presos - like Why Arrays Start at 0, Game Theory,
and AI

* There's a huge knowledge gap between the mechanics of the Internet and
writing code. HTTP, DNS, TLS, TCP and UDP are all important. Understanding
them (and other things like proxies and nat) influences the choices we make

* People are still writing code and setting up systems that depend on the
crippled dial-up-oriented architecture we grew up with. It’s time to take
back the Internet and use it to its full potential - more peer-to-peer,
less peer-to-AWS

* A meetup for Provo that doesn’t get swallowed up by Lehi or SLC. Lehi is
so hot right now, but Provo is also where the future is - bright UVU and
BYU students thirsty for knowledge and eager to make what’s next happen

Any takers?

AJ ONeal

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