Free color laser printer needs repair

Eric Olsen falconv at
Wed Feb 8 09:38:54 MST 2017

I just replaced a Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/D. It started giving an error and
wouldn't boot up, I went through the repair manual troubleshooting it,
tested all the internal connections and what-not, and everything
checked-out to the point where the manual essentially said "replace PCB-A,
if that doesn't fix it replace PCB-B. When I checked a couple weeks ago,
each were about $100 on Ebay. So hopefully a $100 fix, potentially a $200

It's been a good printer for us. Not the prettiest for printing pictures,
but it's been great for documents. I'm no printer expert so I couldn't tell
you how it stacks-up against others, just that we've used it for a couple
years and haven't had complaints except that when one toner ran out we
couldn't print or even *scan* anything. I bought it used at DI, replaced
the fuser, it's been great ever since; we bought a couple toners for it,
IIRC Magenta is running low.

It's all yours if you want it.

Eric F. Olsen

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