Need a little help here

Alan Kirkwood a_d_kirkwood at
Sat Jun 11 12:01:52 MDT 2016

A friend asked me to look at her computer. It's an old IBM Thinkpad, but the hardware seems okay.
She uses Windows and is a bit intimidated by Linux (I know) and would like to keep the environment that she knows, so I'm trying to get it working for her.
When I tried to boot, the machine stopped at the Windows splash page, then reported something about an invalid disk.
So... I tried to reload XP. The install disk said that no valid hard drive could be found.
So Ioaded Ubuntu. Works great and I'd like to leave it at that, but she wants Windows back.
I tried to install XP (from an installation disk) AFTER I got Ubuntu working, but nope, it still doesn't recognize the hard drive.
Any ideas?

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