Fast Broadband options for American Fork?

Shane Hathaway shane at
Thu Jun 9 00:27:22 MDT 2016

On 06/08/2016 01:00 PM, Jeff wrote:
> All,
> I live in American Fork and get my internet through AFConnect which
> gives me aprroximately 15 MBit for $39.99. I know they have a faster
> tier (30 MBit for $69.99) but are there any other options that anybody
> knows about in the $60 or below per month level that I could get for a
> faster speed)?    (12 years ago when it first became available, $39.99
> for 15 mbit was beyond uber cool, but it's staid the same while the rest
> of the world caught up and passed us).
> If anyone knows of anything it would be greatly appreciated!

CenturyLink provides 40 Mbps for $35/month (without phone service) in AF 
if you set up a year of automatic payments.  At the end of every year, 
they temporarily revert me to a higher rate, and every year I call their 
customer retention department to remind them that I have a lot of 
options in this area... and they switch me back to the lower rate. :-)

In my experience, 40 Mbps is sufficient for several desktop computers, 
laptops, tablets, VOIP, and a Roku player.


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