chaining autoyast kernel argument

David Haak david.haak at
Fri Sep 18 12:19:25 MDT 2015

I have not asked many questions on this list, but it has come to pass that
I could use some help with SLES and autoyast... if there are any out there
that could potentially help.

Is it possible to pass/chain kernel arguments (specifically the "autoyast="
arg) through an isolinux/squashfs boot process?

In a perfect world I would be able to a) boot a machine via PXE b) tell it
to install itself from a preconfigured .iso image (without having to
extract said image, I have investigated Razor but I would like to avoid
having to unpack every .iso that is built) c) have an autoyast file path
that was given during the PXE boot process be passed along through the
isolinux boot and make it to the SLES11 init.

Thanks for any guidance.

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