SGI GDM-20D11 Sony 19" CRT for free

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Sep 3 16:18:03 MDT 2015

Up for grabs is an SGI-badged Sony Trinitron 19" monitor.

Vertical refresh 60-120Hz
Horizontal scan 60-81KHz

native 1280x1024 @ 70+Hz
max 1600x1200 @ 60+Hz

Includes two remote controls.

Back in the day this was a premium monitor for graphics design work. It
uses a Sony Trinitron tube, arguably one of the best tubes of the day.

Should be possible to achieve very uniform color calibration with it.

Requires a video card that produces a sync-on-green video signal. Most
newer vga outputs probably do, but you'd need check your card's specs for

Has a 13w3 input, I have a vga-to-13w3 adapter to give you for it.

Claim it by Monday or it's going to the recycle.

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