OpenWest 2015 : Badge Hackathon & social event - June 6, 3p - 10p , UVU Business Resource Center

Victor Villa vvilla at
Fri May 29 15:00:30 MDT 2015


Just a quick email to let you know about a few events in the area!

So you got this awesome badge from OpenWest 2015, so now what? Hack on
it of course at the HACK UTOS event on June 6, in Orem! We'll have
theTransistor there to help you solder it together if you haven't
already, then spend the rest of the day hacking on the badge with others!

Don't have a badge? no problem! We have extras you can buy and put
together. We'll also be playing movies and board games!


## YAPC::NA::2015 is June 8th through 10th at Little America Hotel in
Salt Lake City. Register at

Perl, the Open Source programming language with a rich internet history,
continues to enjoy broad use both in the business and in open source
projects. This year's YAPC features four tracks of talks, including a
beginner's track, hackathons, social events, master classes, and much
more. If you enjoy programming, and enjoy open source communities, YAPC
is for you.

We're also seeking a few volunteers as room monitors, and to help with
the live-streaming video in each room. Volunteers will earn free
admission, and will usually be able to attend talks. Please contact
daoswald at to find out how to participate. This will be on a
first-come first-served basis for those who are able to commit time to
the event.

I hope to see everyone there! - Register at

## Start Madness -
Don’t forget to enter Start Madness, a $150K Utah startup competition!

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