[JOB] Sr. Software Engineer - UHG

Joshua Marsh joshua at themarshians.com
Fri May 15 10:06:37 MDT 2015

Hey everyone,

There is an opening on my team at UnitedHealth Group. My group is primarily
Linux and one of our PHP projects is getting a lot of attention in the
company. We need someone to work on it full-time. Pay is great and benefits
are decent. If you prefer stability at the expense of the berauracy of a
huge company, it might be a good fit fo you:


The project is live for two of our partners, but is still early enough in
it's development effort that you'll have a lot of room to put your touch on
it. If you are interested in applying you'll have to use the applicaiton
button on the page, but you can include me as a reference/referrral and
I'll make sure you get priority.

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