Good Headset recommendations?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Mon May 11 04:54:17 MDT 2015

Hey, anyone know of a good gaming headset that works under Linux? I kind of
prefer USB as most motherboard audio chipsets aren't that good, but I can
do analog connected to the motherboard if the USB headsets aren't good
matches to Linux. It needs a microphone, and the more accurate it is with
3D/Positional sound, the better. :) I will take just about any kind, but
one with larger ear cups (surrounding the ear vs. just covering it) works
better for me.

I have seen many headsets recommended in gaming magazines, but of course no
one ever mentions how well they do (or don't) work under anything but
Windows. So I turn to those who likely have the experience.

--- Dan

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