Sr. DevOps Engineer

Derrick R. Boudwin derrick.boudwin at
Fri May 8 22:38:00 MDT 2015

Hey Guys/Gals,

My company, Inc., is hiring a Sr. DevOps Engineer pronto. I'm
trying to get phone interviews lined up for Monday through Wednesday if
possible. If you or anyone you know is interested in the position, please
email me contact info and a resume and/or a brief cover letter describing
yourself and your qualifications for the below description. is a genealogy search engine, built on the backs of 1000
physical servers, 97% linux (ubuntu) and a handful of Windows boxes.

The candidate will be in charge of managing the hardware and software stack
for the application, which is primarily PHP served up with nginx and
php-fpm, colo-ed in C7 in Lindon.

Configuration manager is Puppet, monitoring system is Icinga. All is neatly
organized and versioned in git.

You'll need to be:
Expert in linux administration.
Expert in networking (the usual suspects, DNS, DHCP, VLANs, some VPN, and
Advanced in database management. Primarily MySQL.
Expert in Bash, should know at least one more common scripting language.
Familiar with continuous integration and unit testing.
Familiar with config management (chef, puppet, or salt)

100% paid health care. Mocavo pays the premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.
You pay $0.00
Salary is current with the market.
Unlimited PTO.
Casual work environment (yes, flip flops and shorts are fine so long as no
visiting dignitaries are in town.)
No tech support. You don't ever have to talk to users.

On any given day you'll replace a hard drive and repair a mdadm array,
reinstall a server, adjust the firewall rules, automate deployment of a new
tool, refactor some puppet manifests, design high availability backups,
architect a new server cluster from the switches to the software, order
replacement hardware, fix mysql replication, and have a blast doing it.
You'll work with some super smart and humble people. No egos, no politics,
it's great.

To date, this has been the most fun I have ever had working. It's a great,
stable, solid company. The office is across from the Novell campus in East
Bay. Lots of problems to solve, and room to move around. You'll get very
little supervision, so you'll have to really own these servers and make
them your childrens. :) There may be occasional travel required (Boulder,
CO or London, UK) but not often.

So please email me your contact info, a resume and/or candid cover letter
(no fluff, just be honest) and when would be a good time to call. I am
available to call Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and need to fill
this ASAP.


Derrick Boudwin
Mocavo, inc.

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