House Design SFW?

Brian J. Rogers captbrogers at
Sun Feb 22 22:30:48 MST 2015

I've heard that Blender can be really awesome at doing things just like
this. Here's two videos* I found, albeit they are a little out of date,
which should guide you if you wanted to do it:

*No guarantees that one of these aren't a Rick Roll.

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:24 PM, Dan Egli <ddavidegli at> wrote:

> With all the various open source software out there, not to mention
> commercial options, I was wondering if anyone had come across a good
> software for laying out a floor plan for a house? I suppose I could even
> use a CAD program or something like that if necessary, but really that's
> getting into more details than I want at the moment. All I'm looking for is
> a program that will let me place rooms as objects on a drawing pad, move
> them, resize them, etc... And since I'm not very familiar with using CAD it
> would have a steep learning curve. Obviously I'd prefer Linux software, but
> failing that, something that runs under Wine would be just fine. And Open
> Source is obviously preferred, although commercial is usable if it's not
> too expensive (i.e. < $75). I remember one program that would fit the bill
> nicely, but I don't recall it's name and I doubt it's even made anymore
> since it was published by Broderbund (I think) around 15-20 years ago.
> Any suggestions are welcome. If you know the program's URL, please mention
> that, too. Thank you, all!
> --- Dan
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