House Design SFW?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Sun Feb 22 22:24:37 MST 2015

With all the various open source software out there, not to mention
commercial options, I was wondering if anyone had come across a good
software for laying out a floor plan for a house? I suppose I could even
use a CAD program or something like that if necessary, but really that's
getting into more details than I want at the moment. All I'm looking for is
a program that will let me place rooms as objects on a drawing pad, move
them, resize them, etc... And since I'm not very familiar with using CAD it
would have a steep learning curve. Obviously I'd prefer Linux software, but
failing that, something that runs under Wine would be just fine. And Open
Source is obviously preferred, although commercial is usable if it's not
too expensive (i.e. < $75). I remember one program that would fit the bill
nicely, but I don't recall it's name and I doubt it's even made anymore
since it was published by Broderbund (I think) around 15-20 years ago.

Any suggestions are welcome. If you know the program's URL, please mention
that, too. Thank you, all!
--- Dan

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