REMINDER: February Meeting tonight: Coping Without DB Normalization, the No-Win Scenario We All live With

Steve Meyers steve at
Tue Feb 17 10:40:02 MST 2015

Date: Tuesday, February 17th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: UVU Business Resource Center

Unless you work in purely embedded programming, chances are you work with a relational database at some juncture. Unless you are astronomically lucky, that database isn't even first form normal.  Don't know what that means? Great, let's talk!

Tod Hansmann will discuss what normalization is, why it's important, why Jeff Atwood sympathizers need not apply, and then we'll cover how and why it doesn't usually exist.  All that in the first ten minutes. We'll spend the rest of the time discussing various strategies for coping with this lack, and the pros and cons of each. They're all compromises, but they might make some of our lives easier.


- Disclaimer, I'm a dev, not a DBA. I just pretend sometimes, and you can too!- Normalization, ACID, and you- A brief history of database theory (your NoSQL is cute)- The three focuses: Querying, Storage, Consistent Data- Caveats depending on your DB- Some strategies, their pains, their joys- Q&A

Just go in the front doors, and follow the signs. We're usually in a conference in the back of the main floor. There will be pizza provided by TekSystems. has directions and a map

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