Automatically connect device to WiFi via Ethernet?

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Feb 11 16:19:32 MST 2015

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 1:20 PM, AJ ONeal (Home) <coolaj86 at> wrote:

> I'm working on a home cloud and the goal is a zero-config box that Just
> Works (TM).
> I know that some of the users won't have physical access to a ethernet port
> at a convenient location, so I'd like to make it possible for them to
> simply plug the box into their router, wait for a green light, and then
> move it over next to their TV.
> Is anyone aware of some sort of UPnP or PMP spec that would allow me to
> retrieve the WiFi password if I'm wired in?
> The current workaround is that they plug it into their router, access the
> activation site on their phone, and type the friendly-id (i.e. happy hippo
> 881) on the bottom of the box, and then enter in their username and
> password, but I feel like that's too many steps for lazy people.
Your best bet is probably how Chromecast and friends do it:

-Tod Hansmann

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