Automatically connect device to WiFi via Ethernet?

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at
Wed Feb 11 13:20:19 MST 2015

I'm working on a home cloud and the goal is a zero-config box that Just
Works (TM).

I know that some of the users won't have physical access to a ethernet port
at a convenient location, so I'd like to make it possible for them to
simply plug the box into their router, wait for a green light, and then
move it over next to their TV.

Is anyone aware of some sort of UPnP or PMP spec that would allow me to
retrieve the WiFi password if I'm wired in?

The current workaround is that they plug it into their router, access the
activation site on their phone, and type the friendly-id (i.e. happy hippo
881) on the bottom of the box, and then enter in their username and
password, but I feel like that's too many steps for lazy people.

AJ ONeal

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