[PLUG-announce] November PLUG Meeting: Intro to Hadoop

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Wed Nov 3 14:49:43 MDT 2010

On Mon, November 1, 2010 12:16, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> November PLUG Meeting: Intro to Hadoop
> Submitted by Ryan Simpkins on Mon, 2010-11-01 12:07.
> Date: November 11th, 2010 (THURSDAY!)
> Time: 7:30 PM
> Location: Adobe, Omniture Business Unit

Ken Miyamoto (Sr Hyper-Scale Specialist at Dell) has arranged for Dell to
sponsor food. Ken would be glad to discuss using Dell gear to run a ginormous
hyperscaled Hadoop cluster in your organization. We will have our usual open
discussion/social networking forum post presentation as we nosh. Hope to see
all 450 of you there. :-D


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