[PLUG-announce] September PLUG Meeting: Web GL, take two

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Thu Sep 2 21:30:29 MDT 2010

Date: September 8th, 2010
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Adobe, Omniture Business Unit

WebGL is an emerging standard that (finally) brings native 3D to web browsers
on devices large and small. Javascript libraries like GLGE, SpiderGL, and
ProcessingJS help plug you in for using it. Grab a nightly build of your
favorite browser to see it in action... see
About the Presenter:

Brad Midgley thought it would be a good idea to earn two degrees in computer
science, from the University of Utah and University of Colorado at Colorado
Springs. He can mostly be found tinkering these days with ruby on rails,
mobile programming, and embedded computers.

See you there!


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